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BOOK SIGNING at AWAP 2013 in Boston for Coming Close: Forty Essays on Philip Levine (May 2013)
I'll be signing advance copies at the Bookfair with my co-editor Tomás Q. Morín at the University of Iowa Press booth; Friday, March 8 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Mari L'Esperance reading "Anju, From the Far World" at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum on June 28, 2012:
Link to the reading

Forthcoming in 2013:

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viagra buy online cheap brand viagra overnight delivery only here where to buy cialis cialis non generic generic viagra from china The Darkened Temple at Prairie Schooner's Bookfair table (O20) on Friday, March 2 from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m., Hilton Chicago

My review of Malinda Markham's second collection Having Cut the Sparrow's Heart at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact:
Link to the review

At the Prairie Schooner blog, my musings on personal and shared memory, history, and culture in the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami:
Link to the post

Nic Sebastian reads "The Poppy Field" at Whale Sound:
Link to the reading

First Book Interviews
Mari L'Esperance: #32
Link to the Interview


Teaching and Consultation

I am available to lead small-group poetry workshops for adults. I also provide private, one-to-one manuscript consultation, in person or online. I've taught poetry writing through Poetry Center San Jose and at New York University, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and Merritt College in Oakland, California. Please contact me for further information or check this page for announcements of future workshops and classes.





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